Sunday, September 15, 2013

I'm baaaaack! New mantra: slow down to speed up!

I can't believe I've been away for 8 months!  I have to say that I admire all of the teachers who keep up a blog, TpT, Pinterest, and their classrooms, not to mention a personal life!  I've been busy teaching, going to workshops, and of course, Cubs games. 

I'm so excited about the new school year, as well as everything I learned over the summer at the Smekens and Whole Brain Teaching workshops that I went to, so I just had to come back!

This year I think I owe a successful launching of the school year to the workshops I attended.  The number one thing I keep telling myself is what Kristina Smekens told us over and over: slow down to speed up.  Take the time at the beginning of the year to introduce procedures, build stamina, as well as introduce the writing traits and comprehension skills you will be teaching all year long.  I've done this, and I am super impressed with how well the kids are doing and how much calmer and less frazzled I feel!

I hope your school year is off to a fabulous start and I will try to be back more often!!

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